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Auxiliary Power Cabinet


The all-in-one aux enclosure.  Freestanding enclosure, engineered for your needs. Supply convenience power and lighting to the site, move panels, and more.  Skid ready.



  • For convenience power, lighting, trackers, SCADA, and weather stations
  • NEMA 3R enclosure, vent/filter/fan
  • Configurable incoming voltages
  • Various main transformer voltages, kVA ratings (incl K4)
  • 480Vac to 240/120Vac step-down transformer
  • 480/240Vac breakers
  • 120/240Vac breakers
  • UPS
  • Dead front panels
  • Available with separated SCADA section
  • Optional external generator circuit
  • UL508a Listed
  • Skid-ready, engineered to meet your needs