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Dual MPPT Disconnect Combiner Box – For String Inverters


AMtec Solar’s Dual MPPT Disconnect Combiner Box allows the installer to combine up to 8 strings ea from two separate PV circuits; providing over current protection and disconnecting means (from a single disconnect), while feeding any transformerless inverter with dual MPPT inputs. This low cost, small foot print, and easy to maintain solution is ideal for transformerless inverters from SMA, Sunny TriPower, ABB/PowerOne, KACO, ect…



  • Provides Means of Combining String Inputs to Single Disconnect Operating 2 Circuits (Dual MPPT)
  • Configurable to 8 Strings Per Circuit
  • Ungrounded Configuration (transformerless inverters)
  • 600VDC Disconnect Option: 45A
  • 1000VDC Disconnect Option: 55A
  • Nema 3R, 4X, & 4 Enclosure Options
  • #6-14AWG Fused Inputs
  • Configurable Output Wiring Options
  • 90°C Terminations
  • 5Yr Warranty
  • Built to UL1741 Standards
  • Made in the USA